Multiple variables in a link?

I have a question I didn’t manage to find an answer to (also apologies if it in fact had been asked and resovled, I have poor detective skills :pensive:).

Is it possible to add two variables in a single link? I tried a few things but always end up with “invalid or unexpected token” error. What I aim for is something like this:

[[I like strawberry ice cream|1.1][$food to “icecream”][$flavor to “strawberry”]]

It works with one variable but I have no idea how to implement two of them in the same line and if it’s possible?

I’m using:
Twine Version: 2.3.14
Story Format: Sugarcube 2.34.1

You can do it like this:

[[I like strawberry ice cream|1.1][$food to "icecream"; $flavor to "strawberry"]]

Alternatively, you can use the “link” macro (which allows for executing more complex code upon clicking a link):

<<link "I like strawberry ice cream" "1.1">><<set $food to "icecream">><<set $flavor to "strawberry">><</link>>

(also, a small hint - use the “</>” (preformatted text) button when posting code examples to the forum; it prevents the forum from changing straight quotes into curly quotes, which cause errors when copied back into Twine, and also from eating parts of your code).


It worked, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Also thanks for the quote advice, turns out I had a bunch of those in the code already and it messed up some things that now seem to be working fine. Well, time to stick to a text editor that does not force the curly quotes :relieved:


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