multiple refusal messages

I am trying to find a way for my game to print various refusal messages. For example:

The doll is a thing.  The doll is fixed in place.

Naturally, trying to take the doll would produce the message, “That’s fixed in place.”
What I’d like to do is not only change the default refusal message (which I’ve already figured out how to do), but I’d also like for the game to produce a number of various, random responses, so that the story might read:

Take doll
You don’t want to have to lug that around with you, do you?


Take doll
That’s not important right now.


Take doll
Why on earth would you want that thing??

I know this is must be possible because I recall reading about how to do so somewhere, but now I can’t remember where I found the information.

Instead of taking the doll: say "[one of]You don't want to have to lug that around with you, do you?[or]That's not important right now.[or]Why on earth would you want that thing??[at random]".
You can also finish with [in random order] if you want to show all the messages before you start repeating them.

thanks chinkeeyong. is there a way to apply it to ALL objects that are fixed in place? say i had the following:

The kitchen is a room.
There is a sink in the kitchen. The sink is fixed in place.
There is a refrigerator in the kitchen. The sink is fixed in place.

The bathroom is a room.
There is a toilet here. The toilet is fixed in place.[/code]

I’d like the result to be that if the player tries to take any one of those three items, a random refusal message will appear due to the fact it’s fixed in place.

You could change the first line of chinkeeyong’s code to “Instead of taking the sink or the refrigerator”, or “Instead of taking something fixed in place”.

thanks. you guys rock.

You might want consider whether you really want this rule to apply to all fixed in place things. (This would include all scenery things.) These responses seem appropriate for objects which might be taken “in real life”, but which you want to veto taking in your game. But if you have, for instance, the ocean as a scenery thing in your game, then you probably don’t want

It looks to me as though you might want to define a kind:

A fixture is a kind of thing. A fixture is fixed in place. 
The doll is a fixture.
Instead of taking a fixture: 

If you want to suppress mention of fixtures in listing room contents (as in your other post), say “A fixture is scenery” instead of “fixed in place”.