Multiplayer Zork (Ryan C. Gordon)

Someone just put up a server that lets a group of four people play Zork 1. This is not a MUD; it’s using the original release-88 Z-code file! The Z-code interpreter has been heavily hacked to do a sort of bank-switching for multiple player objects.

Access is by telnet: http://telnet//

Source: GitHub - icculus/mojozork: Multiplayer Zork 1

Project explanation:



How would timers work. For example, you eat the poison apple and die 10 moves later?

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Same basic principle as Guncho, right? Except much more difficult because he’s trying to use a mostly unmodified Z-Code file, rather than a specially compiled Glulx file?

Awesome! Now I just have to get some friends to join me.
The URL is telnet://
(That works in my Web browser (Brave), or running Windows’ telnet works (and lets me have lots of lines). Hyperterminal doesn’t seem to work, nor Emacs :sleepy: )

It’s meta-x telnet, come on :)

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I knew that! :slight_smile: On Windows 7/Cygwin, I get a telnet ‘window’ but a message “Process not running”. Just tried it on 1 of my Raspberry Pi and it works. Hooray!
(Sorry for the delay. Only just noticed your reply.)