Multimedia if.

Hi all,

How can I have sound and graphics to my inform 7 game?

I read somewhere that I have to use glulx in order to do something like that, but in

the things I read makes me assume that I need inform 6 in order to implement glulx code.

Is it possible to do that with inform7?
If, yes, can you tell me how, or give me a url?

Thank you!

You’ll need to compile your game to Glulx format, simply because of better support for graphics and sound. Chapter 19 in the I7 manual shows you how to display images.

Inform 7 users may need to wait more for Glulx sound support to be included. In the meantime, I’d probably suggest dropping by the newsgroups and asking for Glulx help there. (Emily might comment on this anytime soon, too.)

Yeah, displaying images is a piece of cake in inform7.

Can Inform7 produce Inform6 code, so as it is possible to implement sound to your games?


I7 can’t “produce” I6 code to implement sound support for your game - you’ll need to drop in I6 code that contains Glulx commands that will let you play sound. However, that’s no easy task - Emily and the others might be able to give better advice on Glulx code and how to enter it in I7 source, since I’ve never really touched it. :wink:

I doubt you can play it on the Glulx 'terp that comes with I7 but it should play OK on Windows Glulxe or Git.