Multi-User Interactive Stories (3 playable characters)

I am working on a system called MyMUIS (Multi-User Interactive Stories). I would LOVE your help or advice.

This system allows for up to 3 users to play the same story at the same time, from different characters perspectives. The specific user interaction is more like a CYOA book, really, where the user gets to choose one of three options after each chapter. Each character has at least one Turning Point, where their choice will alter the possible outcomes for the other characters.

I’m developing this system for iOS, Android, and HTML5. I am utilizing for open collaboration if you have any suggestions for the code or stories.

As far as the story collaboration goes, anyone (I mean ANYONE!) who contributes at all will be entered into a raffle to win sweet prizes every week. I’ve got several possible ideas for stories on the wiki already, but I need a ton of development help if you’re interested! Even just a little detail about a character, an interesting idea for a setting, or line of dialogue, etc would be appreciated and might win you a prize!

My goal is to have the app prototype and one story completed with a second story in development by January 1st, 2015. That is the date I am planning on launching a new Kickstarter Campaign for MyMUIS.

I’d really appreciate any comments :slight_smile: and if you’re interested, here are my links:

Thanks for sizing down the graphic! Makes this much easier to read.

This sounds kind of like a multi-player Twine endeavor, but in a new, dedicated system rather than harnessing existing tech.

A few questions that didn’t seem to be answered on the wiki:

  • What is the actual user experience? Specifically: is this intended to be played on networked devices, or does the game get passed from person to person?
  • What experience/skill set are you personally bringing to the table?
  • Are you planning to monetize this project? If so, how?

I will add, the combination of a community-run project with external incentives (like giveaways) feels rather odd to me personally. In my experience, the strongest contributors to projects either do it for love of the project and recognition of their contributions, or because it’s their paying job.

Hi thanks for the comment! MyMUIS will be played on networked devices. Users will be able to invite their friend(s) to join them or they could play alone and the other characters would be controlled by computer players.

My experience is primarily in business, entrepreneurship, and marketing. I’m a huge fan of fiction and game design and I’ve got a ton of energy and attention to put into this project. I want this to be my life’s work.

Monetizing this project is not my initial focus. I want to develop the prototype and first story, take the project to Kickstarter, and then use those funds to develop more stories!

The prototype will be free to play. Over time, additional stories will be available to purchase. I want the first few chapters to be playable for free in each story, so users can try before they buy!

I’m doing this project for the love of this space. I want MyMUIS to be a source for great IF. I want to be able to showcase a wide variety of talented authors and writing teams. MyMUIS will essentially be a distribution channel, a store, and the platform for playing the stories.

IF creators should to be able to be rewarded for their work and I want a vast majority of our revenue to go to the authors.

I think the multi-user functionality could really bring IF into the mainstream. I’m targeting a younger audience (ages 8 and up) for our initial story so we can get into more users’ hands.

On incentives, I want to get the highest caliber writers I can get. I have very limited resources, so that’s why I’m using the open collaboration system. This should allow us to develop several stories together at the same time and to find new writing talent. I would love to have a team of dedicated contributors. This raffle system incentivizes users to contribute every week, which is what MyMUIS needs now.

Great points! I really appreciate that comment!