Multi-language games (Harlowe 3.2.3)

Hello! I’m new in the community!

I’m trying to make a game in multiple languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, etc.) and my first idea was to duplicate all the passages in Twine but I think maybe there’s a better way. Does Harlowe have any macros or variables to make this characteristic?

The language menu in the game is made, but I don’t know how to add two different languages without duplicating all the story passages in the same Twine project. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Twine Version: Harlowe 3.2.3

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Twine isn’t the software I’m most comfortable with, but one step better than duplicating all passages would be to have an if block for each language in each passage. That way, there’s only one overall structure, and if you rearrange at all, the structure remains the same across all languages. You just need to set the $language variable in the first passage.

Each passage would be something like:

(if: $language = 'EN') [English text of the passage]
(elseif: $language = 'ES') [Spanish text of the passage]

It’s not elegant, but it’s at least more elegant. I hope this helps, or that someone else has a vastly better suggestion.

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It works perfectly!
Additionally, I manage to make buttons in different languages, depending on the selected by the player.

(button:)+(if: $ENlanguage is true)[[New Game]](button:)+(if: $ESlanguage is true)[[Nuevo juego->New Game]]

Thanks for the help!

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Oh awesome! Glad I could help!