MUGGLE STUDIES - the Harry Potter game

I’ve finally finished Muggle Studies, the Harry Potter fanfic game!*

Get it at and let me know what you think.

[size=85]*N.B. Not the AIF game—there are several of those and this is not them.[/size]

Downloading now… I had some issue finding the download button: it took me at least two minutes to notice the sidebar. I suspect though that this was due to the influence of too much butterbeer.

Awesome! I really look forward to playing this; the more IF fanfic, the better!

Once I get a couple of WIPs buried I need to do some Firefly, The Prisoner, Doctor Who and others …

Is it only on my computer, or does the sidebar cover some of the text?

Glad to hear you’ve finished it!

Thanks, all! Phew, finally done after so long… :blush:

Indeed. I kind of purposely hid it, on the theory that many folks who aren’t from the IF community would prefer to play it online — but maybe it would be best to have two buttons of equal size of “play online” and “download.” I just didn’t want to mess with people getting confused about how to make an interpreter work.

Having figured out how to download it, then we went on the merry chase of determining where in the archive the game file was. First we dismissed the phantom garbage directory that results from any archiving on a Mac and had to guess between Feelies and Hogwarts Materials, which sound like, well, synonyms for each other. But the game definitely wouldn’t be in Feelies – Release sounded like a promising name for a subdirectory, but then Website definitely didn’t! Nonetheless, there it is.

Some other way of organizing the archive probably would have been less confusing. Still, here we are with a working game, so clear sailing so far on that front! Cheers!

Regarding best practices for game releases: Having the files inside any kind of archive at all makes the game more difficult to get at to play on mobile devices. On iOS, for example, Frotz will let you download a game from the IFDB, but when a game is locked up in a zip archive, it’s not directly linked on the IFDB. Similarly for feelies: unzipping an archive of files is a fairly unreasonable thing to ask a mobile user to do…

I sent a review via PM; it was too long to post here.

It’s pretty good for a first release, although could stand some polishing. But it was fun, so nice job!

Yup. I ran into this when a friend of mine came over with an Android phone and I wanted to see what my game looked like in Twisty. I ended up having to move the .z8 version directly into a folder on my webserver.