Moving through windows

I want to move through a window only by climbing or entering the window. In the example for windows (using doors) you can also move east and west through the windows. Can I block moving east and west?

Your Bedroom is a room. The bedroom window is a door. It is west of Your Bedroom and east of the Grassy Slope.

Instead of searching the window:
	say "Through the window, you make out [the other side of the window]."

Instead of climbing the window:
	try entering the window.
Understand "climb through [something]" as climbing. Understand "jump through [something]" as climbing.

Instead of going through the closed window:
	say "The window is shut: you'd break the glass."

If you want to keep the implementation of the window as a door, you’ll want to make use of one of the built-in action variables for the going action: the door gone through.

Instead of going a direction through the window:
    say "There's no doorway in that direction." [or as you prefer]

Test me with "w / climb through window / open window / w / climb through window / e / jump through window."

Thanks! That works for blocking the movement in that direction. It still shows as a valid connection and I an using a modified status line that displays all the valid directions from a room. Any way to invalidate that as a direction you can move?

Assuming that the extension that you’re using is based on the automatically-constructed internal connection map, I don’t think there would be an easy way to suppress the relevant directions as being valid for movement.

You may be better off by implementing the window as something other than a door, similar to the bushes from your earlier question (How to connect rooms using non-corresponding directions? - #4 by Ponpoko).