Moving Text to the Right

Is there a way to move the story text off of the left margin. Seems to need a little space on the left side of the screen.

This is an interpreter layout decision rather than a game decision. Gargoyle has always been good about margins, for example.

So it’s decided in the interpreter? Would seem that we could write some sort of style guidelines similar to CSS. I saw one example that had the text in the middle with a pic on both sides. How do we code that. As it is with the text all the way to the left it feels uncomfortable on a large screen.

There is a built-in extension, Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short. After including it, you can write:

center "The Merchant of Venice";

You can also use Flexible Windows to create three windows on your playfield. Put your text on the right-hand-side window and presto, you’ve got text on the right.

But as far as margins go, which was your original question, that’s strictly terp. If you want controllable extra space, you can even have a totally empty window using Flexible Windows. Presto, instance whitespace.

These Flexible Windows things do assume that the player has turned off “borders” in their terp. Because if they haven’t, your window will be bordered, and spoil the illusion.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. Basic Screen effects seems to only effect the initial line of text or group of text in a statement. If the text is broken by headings or paragraph/line breaks the center command becomes null. I have not tried Flexible Windows but will take a look at it.