Moving all objects to a certain location

There is probably a really easy way to do this but it keeps eluding me. What I want to do, basically, is move all the objects the player is carrying to a room and then move all the objects from another room into the player’s inventory. I tried a simple MOVE [OBJECTS] TO CAVE command but it just threw an error message at me.

Any ideas?

You could do something like this:

repeat with x running through things carried by the player: now x is in Room 1; repeat with y running through portable things in Room 2: now y is carried by the player.

(Or maybe “enclosed by Room 2” instead of “in Room 2.”)

You could do this:

now everything held by the player is in Place One; now the player carries everything in Place Two.

which sounds a bit more natural, at the cost of fine control.

Thanks. That worked a treat!

Seems really obvious once it’s explained to me but I’d tried half a dozen different things and none of them were working.