Movie Recommendations and Discussion

Yep, that was a good 'un.

I’ve seen 2 movies I loved recently:
1.) Late Night with the Devil– I wanted to see this when it was in the theater but missed it and had to stream it. A 70’s late night TV show host has a Halloween episode with a possessed kid to boost his ratings. Cheesy and screwball and deliberately low-tech, with gleeful homage and purposeful predictability. Just really fun.

2.) Last Stop in Yuma County– Absolutely classic western standoff-meets-thriller. Tense and unrelenting, both following and diverging from the formula in great ways.

Also in TV recently:

If you haven’t watched Reservation Dogs, omigod, get on that right away. One of the best TV shows I’ve seen in years. It’s funny and tragic and sweet and bitter and… everything. I damn near cried when it was over because it had just been such a great ride. Three seasons and it’s over now.

And we watched Shogun and enjoyed it although we did not love it. Beautifully filmed, and it removes much of the extremely problematic stuff that was in the book and the old miniseries. Now it’s properly about a 17th century Englishman who washes up on the “barbarian” shores of Japan only to discover that he and Europe are the barbarians.


I just finished watching the series. It was a lot of fun. It’s very rare when the whole household can enjoy the same show. It was also kind of neat seeing Johnny Pemberton (Thaddeus) in there. One of my favourite shows is Son of Zorn.

As a side note, Todd Howard should put the Fallout TV series production crew in charge of his next game. They seem to know where the fun is.


The original show is better. Zorn's lemma - Wikipedia