MoveTo (adv3lite)

Curious what the intent is of the implementation of MoveTo in adv3lite.

For example, if I have a photo (Thing) already in a locket (Container), the language allows MOVE PHOTO TO LOCKET once and then disallows a subsequent same command. also MOVE PHOTO TO BAG keeps the photo in the locket. So it’s not a synonym for PutIn.

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No, it’s not a synonym for Put In. It’s intended to model putting one object near/next to another, as in MOVE CHAIR TO WINDOW to mean placing the chair by the window, in cases where the position of the chair might be relevant, e.g. to access something above the window.


Perfect thanks

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Found a solution that works for me which is the ever useful Doer. I created a Doer for ‘move Thing to Container’ and it doesn’t interfere with other moves in my game.

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I’m glad to hear you’ve got it working for you.