MOVEd objects don't show up in parent description?

Suppose I have a transparent container box and some object precious.

When I put precious into box from the start, it will show up in the room description. (“You also see precious here”, or such.)

But when I later move precious to box, it never seems to show up as a consequence of look or examine, while it still can be taken.

Am I missing some housekeeping chores after the move action?

I’d like to rule out the obvious before steeping further into debugging.

Thanks in advance,


No, there’s no housekeeping needed.

Does the object really wind up where you think it’s winding up?

That is the question.

I don’t see a description of it anymore, but I can take it, and from that point on it’s in my inventory again, so it should be either in the container or in the room with me, right?

I’ll write a minimum example to see where I went wrong. I only wanted to make sure I haven’t fallen prey to a glaring error before I do that.

Please stay tuned.


Try “showme precious” to see where it actually goes.

This works - when I put the Precious into the crystal box, the game goes ‘You can see Crystal box (in which is Precious) here.’

[code]Kitchen is a room.

Crystal box is a container in the kitchen.
Crystal box is transparent.

Precious is a thing in the kitchen.[/code]

Thanks for your support, upon trying (and failing) to reproduce the error, I think I now understand what’s happening. It has nothing to do with move, but with my poor understanding of object descriptions.

Both the room in which I operate and the box have an initial property. But while the room’s initial does not keep precious from being listed when it’s on the floor and I’m looking around, the box’ initial property overrides the regular listing of items contained within, or, in other words:

If I simply give no initial property to the container, then contained objects will always be listed – is that correct?

(I should have mentioned I’m using I6.)

Thanks for the patience,