Motorcyclus: A Kickstarter project by Ryan Veeder

If you’re a part of the IF scene, you’ve probably heard of Ryan Veeder, who was one of the authors behind Apollo 18+20 and won the 2011 IF Comp with his game Taco Fiction. Ryan Veeder has actually got a new (non-IF related, but still) Kickstarter project called Motorcyclus and Other Extremely Scary Stories, which is a book of comic horror stories. Here is an excerpt:

If this sounds like the kind of thing you are interested in, check it out! Ryan’s aiming for a pretty low print run, so donating to the Kickstarter might be the only way to obtain a copy. (Plus Emily Boegheim narrates another story from the book in the promo video.)

Oh, I’ll give him money alright… money from my wallet.

Ugh, that didn’t come out right.

  • Wade

I laughed so hard my ass fell off. Yes, that’s right, my ass fell off!

Hey cool! I tweeted about it, which is kind of like supporting it, right?

The stories remind me of the early 90s, when 900 numbers were at their prime (seemingly, I have no stats to back this up). I got in some trouble with my parents for calling some of the ones that specialized in these horrible horror stories that were also quite short. Anyhow, these sound a lot more entertaining in any case, but I kind of dig that it sparks that association for me.

done! I’m so terrified at the prospect of my scary ghost!

Oh good grief, thanks guys! Thanks Healy!

You guys don’t know what you’ve done, but I think possibly the donations from intfiction people have set the project far enough ahead to meet a secret hidden stretch goal. I have to get some things organized before I reveal its identity, but you should know ahead of time that each of you is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HORRORS THAT WILL RESULT.

Thanks again!!!

Dang it. This is what happens when I ignore this sub-board for a month. Congrats, Ryan–and all the people who DID actually donate.

It’s cool the narrator is another text adventure writer, too.

And a good one at that! Some may even say that the fact that it bears the name “Ryan Veeder” means that the default outcome of the project will be success!

Congrats from me too! Now go forth and horrify! :smiley:

oh shoot I forgot:

If you missed the Kickst then you can still get a book here

The secret stretch goal is taking the form of an audiobook performed by me and the Motorcyclus Brain Trust, but it is taking forever.

If you want to be updated when the audiobook becomes available, write your e-mail address on a piece of clean, white paper. Roll up the paper into a ball and take it to the mall. When you get there, look for a toddler who is walking around unattended. You’ll know it’s the right toddler because he or she will be crying loudly. Give him or her the balled-up paper, and he or she will put it in his or her mouth and start chewing it (this is why you want to use a clean piece of paper).