(Mostly I6) Hyperlinks stylehints

Hello everyone…
Excuse me if I ask for something already known, but I just can’t find it.
In the current implementation there’s a way to suggest hyperlinks colors?

Also, related question, there’s a way to define hyperlinks colors in Gargoyle’s .ini file?

Thanks in advance for any help

Paolo Lucchesi

Huge coincidence!

intfic.com/t/changing-hyper … -in-i7/199

Basically, no, there isn’t, in I7 (and I therefore doubt it’s possible in I6). In WinGit/Glulxe you can’t set a hyperlink colour via the .cfg file. Gargoyle… I just checked and I think you’re in luck! See the line…

linkcolor 000060 # hyperlink color

…in garglk.ini. Surely this is the bit you’ll want to edit.

EDIT - Also, see:

ifanswers.com/1218/does-change-u … le-windows

…where you have a workaround if you’re exporting to a Quixe online terp.

Wow. Three forums/boards this question’s been in. Head swimming.

Note if you’re making a config file for Gargoyle, it’s best to name it the same as the storyfile. Gargoyle will automatically look for it, which means you can have file specific styles, rather than putting it all in the general file. See Kerkerkruip’s .ini file for an example:

github.com/i7/kerkerkruip/blob/ … rkruip.ini

Clarification question: I realize that setting a hyperlink color in the story file is not currently supported. Is it possible that some change to Glk or Glulx (or whatever the relevant thing is) will allow this to be supported in the future? Or is that something that will likely never happen?

It seems like something that probably wouldn’t be hard to add, but you’d need to get all the glk implementations to add it, which is a problem because garglk and cocoaglk are basically dead. So Zarf probably wouldn’t want to do it, and instead he’ll focus on his css/js plans.

Ok, thanks!

Thanks to Peter and everyone else. Weirdly I hadn’t the linkcolor line in my garglk.ini file. It worked like a charm.

Paolo Lucchesi