Most recent version of TADS 3 on IF archive?

I don’t know who is in charge of uploading the files to IF archive, so I’m going to ask here.

I noticed that all the offical TADS 3 related software seem to have an outdated version on IF archive. TADS 3 3.1.2, FrobTADS 1.2.2, etc. I understand most people probably get them from these days, but it is still nice to keep them updated on IF archive, especially for places when may be slow and a mirror is prefered.

If the authors are too busy to keep everything in sync, I’ll be happy to voluteer to keep them in sync with the authors’ blessing.

You’d need to speak to (or email) Mike Roberts about this. I think you’ll find contact details on the site. I believe it’s been his policy in the past not to send every TADS 3 release to the IF-Archive so as not to overburden its maintainers, but that probably dates back to a time when TADS 3 releases were rather more frequent than they are now.

Thanks Eric. I’ve sent the TADS site admins an email asking about this issue.

For frobtads, the reason is that I simply forget about it. The mirror issue is a very good point for paying more attention when doing a release.