more craziness for October. #iftober, like #inktober but IF

Hi people,

Three mad Spanish men have begun a crazy initiative for this October, to create one piece of IF a day the whole month, the same artist are doing for #inktober but with little pieces of interactive fiction. They are Spanish and the works are in Spanish, but I thought this is a cool idea to share.

Probably is too late to jump in, but for the next year, we plan to promote it sooner (this year has been the idea of Edu Sánchez). How nice it to awake every day to play some thematic little gems!

If you are curious you can follow the hashtag #iftober at Twitter, but, yeah, it is all in Spanish, maybe you can just right click and translate to enjoy yourself.


Sounds awesome! Like NaNoWriMo with games :slight_smile: