'More' button is preventing scrolling in Chrome+OSX?

I’m attempting to display my project through a webpage with a minimal interface. I’ve customed the css to remove the scroll bar and overflow. Although, whenever I view it in Chrome on OSX, a ‘More’ button appears and inhibits scrolling. The user has to somehow figure out to click their cursor towards the bottom of the screen and press space again, they can’t even actually click the button. I’m not certain how to prevent what’s going on here, or what’s exactly causing it to appear. The content of my project seems unrelated to the issue and has more to do with the interpreter.

Here’s a link to the page.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s active.

I tried this with Chrome on OSX and didn’t see a problem. A “more” button appears (if the window is small enough to warrant it), but the focus is still on the input field and space bar scrolls.

Mouse-wheel scrolling also works.

(Chrome 40.0.2214.115)

By the way, you’ve got a fixed-width gameport, which means that it’s not readable if the window is too narrow.

Other notes:

The “more” thing is a flag, not a button. It doesn’t take input at all.

The overflow property of the #gameportscrollhide container is ignored. (That div is always less than the window height.) It’s the overflow property of .BufferWindow panes that’s important, and you want to leave that as “scroll”. Otherwise the text won’t be scrollable at all.

Consider having a visible scroll bar. It’s both a usable control and a cue about where you are in the text.