Moonlit Mansion


I’ve had a go at creating a game, it’s a graphic text adventure called The Mystery of the Moonlit Mansion, it’s designed to look old school (spectum style graphic etc…)
it’s a stand alone exe file which can be downloaded from the website :slight_smile: (it’s £2.90 to download it and play it, you dont have to download it, but i hope after seeing the
website and you’ll be interested enough to want to give it a play, and let me know what you think :slight_smile:

if i’ve posted this at the wrong forum, apologies in advance.

the website is or you can get to it via facebook search for moonlitmansion.
i’ll be interested to know what you think, even if you dont download it, there are still screen shots etc at the website :slight_smile:

Chris M

This doesn’t go in the General Game Design section. It should go in Game Announcements instead.

Anyway, I can’t look at the site right now because I need to be in bed like yesterday, but I may visit it tomorrow and see what’s up.

thanks for the advice on which section… i wasn’t sure, i look forward to hearing what you think .

£2.90 is a bit much to spend without knowing anything about the game other than that it’s modeled after old-school adventure games. Any chance for a demo?

sadly i dont have a demo version, it’s okay if you dont wish to buy it, thanks for looking at the site though :slight_smile:

maybe i can mock up a demo version and let people see the first section free… good idea, i’ll look into it.
thanks for the advice.

thanks for the earlier post about offering a demo version of the Mystery of the Moonlit Mansion, there is now a FREE demo version for you to download and try :slight_smile:
let me know what you think.

i forgot to mention you get get the free download from here!demo-download/c1j02

thanks again, let me know if you try it :slight_smile: