Moondrop Isle hint thread

That did it. On I go!

Very general hint in the right direction:

Did you know that you can use the metal detector on objects as well as just rooms?

Yes, that’s how I got whatever it was that was buried under Skull Rock (I forget what it was). But I’m at a loss as to where to wave it now.

Check out the East Entrance to the Water Park. There’s something there for that, unless you’ve already got it via another method.

Oh. I just used the bolt cutters on the lock and got the earpiece already.

I’ve gotten to all of the domes on the island, at this point, including the Observatory. But I don’t know what to do there and don’t have the decoder scope yet.

When you say you’ve gotten to all of the domes on the island. How many domes did you find?

This one was not clued. You won’t get this one without assistance.

The Buried Boardwalk is full of sand. Sand tends to bury things. Particularly metallic things!

Well, I think I’ve just beaten the game.

I found seven domes in total, one in each area plus the Hotel Observatory. The scope unlocked everything.

Also, I got the letter D. I find it very rude that ‘wave detector’ turned up nothing and ‘wave detector at sand’ did. Also, slightly less rude, that the L wasn’t listed as being removable on the HALL OF LIGHT sign.

I’m pretty sure getting the new perspective is the climax of the game, but there are still a few loose ends I’m wondering about…

Can you do anything with the disposable camera?
Is there any way in through the boarded-up door in the clubhouse?
What about that safe in the southwest shed in the gardens?
Do you think I’ve missed anything else?


Yup! That’s it!

I’ve already given a telling off for that one! That’s now been fixed!

I couldn’t find out if there was anything going on with the water pipes in the water park.

I think at this point you can just keep stroking guinea pigs! :joy:

If you walk into the dark tunnel from the lazy river once you have the flashlight you’ll be able to see the entrance to the pump room past the folding chair. You can turn the water on there and use it to get the golf club from the play area. It also turns the four mosaics outside the water park into fountains in case you never managed to get the solution with the earpiece. Though I still have no idea how you’re supposed to solve the animal puzzle ‘legit’.

In the beta you could get inside the boarded up clubhouse and there was a way into the hotel, I think - although I never managed to get through that way.

I’m also “done”, and as well as all those, I’m also wondering about…

  • The chain near the wooden post - I assume it’s just decoration or a sign that some large ship was moored there once.

  • The UFO toy - I think it’s just a hint as to what’s going on, but the way you get it is very trippy!

  • Is there any reason to get to the break room in the mall? Is it just a shortcut to the tunnels or is there something else?

I also wonder about this - I solved the whole kitchen puzzle only to find myself in the break room which I had already visited from the other side of the tunnels?!

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What about the wildlife, too. I don’t think it has any “purpose”, it just is. So far I’ve found:

  • Bats (hotel)

  • Birds in the cafe, above the window (hotel)

  • Heron (shore)

  • Hermit crab (shore)

  • Seabirds in the log (shore)

  • Little colourful crabs? on the beach that wash up (shore)

  • And of course, the Guinea Pigs (everywhere)

The piggies do provide a clue to finding something in the Gardens, and were there for sensible reasons, but I do wonder if anything else is going on with them.

Off the top of my head there are also:

  • jellyfish (inlet)
  • starfish (shore)
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I’m stuck with a couple spots where I’m pretty sure there’s something hidden (based on the notebook and on waving the metal detector around), but I can’t seem to figure out how to find it. For example, I suspect that the bolt cutters are hidden in the nettles, but I’m not getting anything when I try to search them. Does anyone have any suggestions for a verb I should try, or where it might be useful to look for some object I need, like gloves or a shovel or something?

Your suspicion that you might need to find another tool is on the right track.

You might consider investigating the Arcade region a little more thoroughly.

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I’m in the same situation and can’t tell if it’s a verb issue or a tool issue. (verb) nettles with (noun) isn’t working so I’m assuming I’m missing an obvious tool.

Yeah, as Jason said, you need to find another tool. AFAIK you can’t actually do anything with the metal detector until you find the other tool. Jason gave a good minor hint, but if you’re frustrated and want a very blatant hint the other tool is in the Fortune Teller’s. I can’t think of any good ways to give an in-between hint, sorry…

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I’ve had the thing you’re talking about for some time. It was an issue of order of commands and verb. I have them now.

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Ah sorry, I missed that. Yeah, that’s a clunky bit of implementation, so for future adventurers: I think with those two objects the command sequence always has to be wave detector (or wave detector at object) and then dig (with no arguments) and it’ll dig where the detector indicated something. And usually you have to dig multiple times in a row until something turns up (seems to be random how many times?).

I’m still slowly making my way through the game but just out of curiosity, is the yo-yo supposed to have completely disappeared when getting this from the prize redemption machine? There was no indication in the text about where it went.

Also when I checked the directions for the Southwest Bend in the Lazy River, it says I can go up but I don’t have anything with me that could help me get up?