Moody ANCHORHEAD artwork! [shared with permission via Twitter]

Nikki Rose created a CG artwork of the opening of @Michael_Gentry’s Anchorhead for her MA project. It looks great! There are process shots of the production on the ArtStation site.

“You shake yourself and force the melancholy thoughts from your head, trying to focus on the errand at hand. You’re to meet with the real estate agent and pick up the keys to your new house while Michael runs across town to take care of some paperwork at the university. He’ll be back to pick you up in a few minutes, and then the two of you can begin the long, precarious process of settling in. A sullen belch emanates from the clouds, and the rain starts coming down harder – fat, cold drops smacking loudly against the cobblestones. Shouldn’t it be snowing in New England at this time of year? With a sigh, you open your umbrella. Welcome to Anchorhead…”



Needs more climbable trash cans.

This ilustrations are awesome.

We played half year ago all together in internet at CAAD spanish club night partys. I really loved this game. It’s so long that I didn’t buy commercial version couse I have had enough playing.
We find a bug that didin’t let us to progress in the game so I just start it a second time from the very beggining to get fresh savegames.
Nowdays we even recall these feelings while playing other games.

And now, why aren’t some repository with savegame files for some IF games?

Was it the semi-passable grate in the sewer-pipes?

Well, I don’t wanna spoiler.

When we went to sewer pipe through church backyard, after broking lock, we followed down.
The point here is that if you had previously soacked the lantern (we did it jumping from the bridge to the water), this item wont work and the only way to visit the basilic is wandering in the dark or spending matches.
When we went to the exit, we couldn’t get the rope couse it was dark downwards.
I hope you will understand me.

I do understand.

My bug was different though (Edit: although it also has to do with the sewers).

From the first location: if you go to the alley and then through the fence to the beach, you can enter the sewage pipe. If you take a few turns in the pipe (I don’t remember which ones…) you can go through a grate. Once you’ve gone through, there is no way back ànd no way forward..

This bug is still in the paid version. I notified the author (@Michael_Gentry) and the response amounted to “Yeah, I know. It’s been there since the start. Too bad…”

Jade wrote:

if you had previously soaked the lantern…

This isn’t a bug. Anchorhead is a game that leans between old and modern style. If you soak the lantern, RESTORE.

Well, we finished the game without no clues so we really played one step forward, two back.
We enter sewers sometime at second day when there were no need for that. I was the mapping man at work and I don’t notice we were no trouble with this gate.
I have savegames if you need for the free version.

If you don’t need to use lantern you don’t notice.

We explored the cellar with the other lantern, the flashlight (waterproof as described) get soacked and were no trouble till explained before. I was reading my notes and we get stuck climbing down the rope at “Vaulted Tunnel” couse as we didn’t see the floor, we couldn’t “let go of rope” . It is supposed you have to drop the lantern before you climb up the rope to access the basilic.

A very important thing I learned the previous year, when I played old and really old games, is that SAVE/RESTORE is a legitimate tactic. Of course, it depends on how oldschool the game is and on how determined you (the player) are, but : when appropriate, remember: it’s a game.

We save often, but in that case I had to replay since second day in the morning. There was no choice.
I was rewriting my prior answering, upwards.

Wow, that’s really nice artwork! It captures the spirit of the opening just as I remember it.

I think it’s great that you are playing this with other people. More brains, more minds, more ideas.

I have tried to access IF mud to play at club floyd with no result.

If someone knows an online colaborative game, please let me know.

And if someone is interested in our friday plays, tell me.

It seems she’s made a lovely Zork graphic too:

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That is a great image.

Very talented!