Mood Variations by Emily Short

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Hey. I’m starting up an IF game and I was trying to figure out how to switch people through this Extension ?

I don’t think this is designed for switching people, at least in the sense of changing the current player. It’s designed for use with conversations extensions that designate “the current interlocutor” as the person you’re talking to, or a system of your own that defines “the current interlocutor” in that way.

What exactly are you trying to do with the extension?

Ah, well, I originally was trying to, ah, set moods for multiple NPCs (or) have the ‘current interlocutor’ be switched between different NPCs. The latter I couldn’t figure out. I’m not that savvy at designing rules yet, haha.

I think if you’re using a conversation extension that has a variable called the “current interlocutor,” switching the interlocutor is as simple as putting this line in the appropriate place:

Now the current interlocutor is Jade;

But I haven’t done that much with conversation systems.

Ah, I may try that.