Monospace font?

I’m looking through the System Manual and the adv3Lite Library Manual and not finding anything that discusses how to cause the output to display in a monospace font (suitable for ASCII graphics). I plan to set up an alternative output for blind users, but for most players it would be nice to display a 4x4 grid of symbols that was nicely spaced.

I suppose I could use the HTML Font tag to call for Courier, and that might work, but is there a more efficient way to do it?

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The TADS-Typewriter font name is intended to be an alias for a monospaced font.

Of course, players are free to reconfigure their interpreter to use any font for, but I would think generally it will give you what you’re looking for.


You can also use the <tt> tag (documentation link; fixed-width typewriter font, which I think will usually give the same result as Jim’s suggestion, specifying <font face='TADS-Typewriter'>) or the <pre> tag (preformatted text, which is also fixed-width, but has a slightly different look from the first option).


Thanks. I should have just tried that first, before posting a question.