Monolith - Are you of sound mind?

[b]"Your ribs…
You feel pressure under your ribs…

You can’t remember anything…
Not a name…
Not a history…

You’re in a dungeon…
You don’t know why or how…
But somehow you woke here…
Now it’s time to find a way out."[/b]

[size=150]A new journey awaits, adventurer.

get lamp and relive the 80s in a brand new, MS-DOS text adventure![/size]


Coming Winter 2014.

Did you really think it was a good idea to link this forum to something that claims the following?

“However, in recent years (read: the past decade), interactive fiction games have become scarce, subsiding into a tiny niche of the gaming community. Interactive novels simply couldn’t compete with the mass appeal of graphical video games. Monolith’s purpose is to revive that genre, placing a now-obscure category of gaming back in the limelight.”

Sounds like Malinche Entertainment.

Well, I couldn’t even get the page to load.

Given that the author appears to be a 17-year-old Paul Panks-in-training, you might cut him some slack. That means he would have been born the year that Zork: Grand Inquisitor was released, the last gasp of the Infocom stream.

I like his enthusiasm, but I don’t want to buy a floppy drive I’ll use just for his game.

Note that “The Grand Implementor” at Malinche is no longer writing IF but has switched to static fiction.


I think that’s more to do with the fact that ‘The Grand Implementor’ couldn’t attract any idiots, so had no one forking over $40+ for his games when they could legally obtain IF of a similar quality for free. Simples!

It’s good to get mixed feedback. It shows me what I should and should not consider doing with my game/website. I am working on a downloadable version of the game, for those who wish to play it for free, as I am not making Monolith for profit. The diskettes will be sold for $5 a piece (to cover the production cost of labels, diskettes, cellophane bags, inserts, etc.), and I am simply trying to get my game out there to see what people think. The Special Edition actually costs more than $20 to make, due to the scarcity of transparent green diskettes, and the fact that you can only buy them in assorted packs. I just didn’t want the price of Monolith to drive anyone away.

Sadly, I was unable to satisfy the deadline because I am pouring hundreds of extra programming hours into the game (with the intent of releasing a product more robust and likely to succeed). The website I originally linked to this article was a test (hence the downtime and free web host). I wanted to see what people noticed/liked/didn’t like about it. As such, I should probably remove my age from the website. :laughing: I know it takes credibility away from me when I state my age, but I hope you can judge Monolith objectively and not let the fact that I’m a teenager affect your opinion of the game itself. :slight_smile:

Although I was born after the large majority of Infocom games, I grew up with them nonetheless. My parents purchased cheaper computers and always got us old games, so despite my age, I am quite familiar with the IF ecosystem of the '80s and '90s.

Also, I have a trailer I am planning to run through Google AdWords with a small campaign budget. I have linked it below, so let me know what you think (keep in mind that the date and URL at the end of the video are inaccurate and will be changed before it is campaigned). Constructive criticism is very welcome:

P.S. Thanks, UnwashedMass, for comparing me to a Paul Panks-in-training. That made my day. :stuck_out_tongue: And Neil, I hope you try the downloadable version! :slight_smile:

I hadn’t really noticed, but it seems that no longer exists. Seems like a bit of a shame.