Monetary system extension

I’m trying to make a simple extension for a monetary system, and I have most of it done. But selling is one thing that I haven’t been able to accomplish. I’m in some need of help so that I might be able to finish my extension, even if it’s an easily createable one. Here’s some of the coding:[code]
Appraisal is a kind of value. 1 gold (plural, in gold) specifies an appraisal.
Every thing has an appraisal.

Player’s personal money is an appraisal that varies. Player’s personal money is 1 gold.

Selling is an action applying to one thing.
Understand “sell [something]” as selling.
Check selling:
if the noun is not carried by the player:
say “You don’t have that with you.”;
stop the action.
Carry out selling:
increase the appraisal of player’s personal money by the appraisal of the noun. [This is where I have trouble. It won’t recognize the appraisal of the noun.][/code]

Well, could anybody help me with this? I want to get it to recognize the carry out phrase in the way that I'd like it to, so that when you sell an object, the player's personal money is increased by the value of the object sold.

I think you want to replace

increase the appraisal of player's personal money by the appraisal of the noun.


increase the player's personal money by the appraisal of the noun.

since the player’s personal money is an appraisal, it doesn’t have one. Doing that makes it work for me (well, I still have whatever I sold in my inventory, but presumably that’s taken care of elsewhere in your code).

Yes, it will be included elsewhere in my code. Thanks a lot for your help!