Monarch Sunset theme on IFDB

Have you ever chosen a Custom Display Style on IFDB? Or made one? The option’s under ‘Personalise’ in the right-hand menu.

I just made an Andromeda games-themed one called Monarch Sunset. I describe it so:

“I start with Slim Stylish. Then I add an Andromeda-games-themed header image and cyanotic main nav colour, and jack up the link contrast for your legibility pleasure.”

(What’s Slim Stylish? It’s where tobiasvl tweaked the popular Stylish style to better suit IFDB’s recent slimline design, but it’s not contrasty enough for my taste. What’s Stylish? Made by finferflu, that’d be the most popular style after Default and Midnight.)

Monarch Sunset is on page 2 of the styles gallery: Style Sheet Gallery

It looks like this preview (recommend open in a new tab): Zork I - Details

If you’re in the market for a contemporary non-dark theme, and especially if you’re still using 2009’s Stylish (2009? Come on!) consider Monarch Sunset for your IFDB style upgrade today.



This is great, cool… but I can’t barely distinguish the tabs text in dark green.
I am too old for this, sorry.

Thanks for trying it, Zed. If you like the rest of the theme, I’ve made Monarch Sunset Alt in response to your comment. It’s the same overall but with white-on-dark-grey text in the nav bar, and a cyan-backdrop-on-hover for that text. It’s currently on page 2 of the stylesheet pages.