Moments out of Time 2

My apologies for not announcing here straight away. Busy week.

At 865741.3 UDC, StreamDiver Alpha Tango-678 performed a routine
StreamDive to the middle of the twenty-first century.

He did not travel alone…

An agent of the Temporal Sciences Commission has gone rogue.
Now you, Captain Remington of the Streamdive Investigation
Division, must follow him back into the past to set right
what he has set wrong before all of history is unravelled in
his wake.

Explore six detailed environments for the clues you’ll need
to unlock a mystery woven into humanity’s past – a secret so
powerful that it drove one of your own to commit the ultimate
crime against history.

Fully illustrated and with a complete musical score, Moments Out
of Time (Adventure Type) explodes the story begun 2001’s
Interactive Fiction Competition second place winner.

Available now at,, and shortly at the if-archive.