Mom Guilt has been published!

Hi there!

My first-ever work of interactive fiction, Mom Guilt, is now live!

A few quick words about this project: Mom Guilt tells the story of a single mom doing her best. I made it in part because the mom gamer community is HUGE, believe it or not, and particularly supportive and wonderful. Plus, we all have one thing in common–being super behind on the games we want to play :joy: . I wanted to tell this story for that community, who don’t often see themselves represented in games.

Like everything in motherhood, this game was built late at night post-work, post-dinner, post-bath time, post-bedtime, in a caffeine- and passion-fueled haze. It features multiple consequential choices and original artwork.

You can give it a go below, and if you do, I sincerely hope it brings some light/ joy/ humor to your day.


Hey, nice!


I played through it once (I’m going to play it again), and I liked it. I found it quite moving (I’m a male, but I was a single parent for quite a while), and the writing was good. I didn’t realise there were sounds until I read the credits, so I’ll make sure I have them on for my second play!

Thank you!


Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve received that feedback a few times so I think I might add in a sound icon/ message at the beginning. Glad you enjoyed it!!