mobile developement system

Is there an IF developement system that runs on Android? I don’t really care what language it is, so long as I can make a reasonably sized game with it.

Games made in Quest can be made into apps that can run Android. More info can be found on that site, but it looks like Alex runs the .quest file through a compiler (an alpha version of which he has made freely available) then uses PhoneGap to port it to mobile devices.

I would love to see more IF games available on my phone and tablet (although I have iOS, not Android). I actually discovered the Text Adventures site because I was looking for IF in the app store. :slight_smile:

Do you mean playable on Android or writable on Android?


Well then my previous post was utterly unhelpful. Sorry about that.

It’s all good. You were just trying to help.

My gamebookformat (see other thread) runs in the terminal on my Jolla phone without needing any other third-party tools. It can probably run on Android as well if you get something like Terminal IDE app running with python 2.7 in (and a text editor of your choice, and a browser that supports file:// urls makes testing easier).

Edit: maybe too CYOA for you. Sorry I don’t know of a parser-based tool, but anything implemented in python or perl for instance should be equally easy to run.

Actually, the text adventure link did help. You can make games using quest on tablets.

You can use the web editor on tablets, it runs through your browser just like it would on a laptop/desktop. I’ve used it on my tablet, but I am completely unfamiliar with Android. I’m guessing that the web editor would run through any browser just the same as ever, though. It isn’t ideal, some of the tabs and buttons on the user interface become too small for practical purposes as the only platform you plan to build it on. It does have a code view though, so if you aren’t a confused mess while straight-up coding (I’m firmly a neophyte in all the languages I know, and can’t tell the bit I do know apart :laughing:) I suspect that the code editor would work just fine.

Just lost my notebook this weekend. Good thing I started playing Jigsaw on my smartphone. It just spells the death of desktop computing to me. Aside from specialized jobs requiring raw computing power, I’m much more at home with my smartphone. I can read and write from anywhere, be it bus, the sofa or, yes, the toilet.

It strikes me as odd that an activity requiring only reading and writing has not that many options for mobile. Certainly can’t be the myth of no-keyboard: I can write perfectly well and fluidly with swype, but I could just as well connect it to a bluetooth keyboard. I also have plenty of text editors available. We just need a compiler.

Thankfully, one such compiler for Inform is available online:

If you don’t mean natively and absolutely anywhere, you have a few more options. SSH’ing into a terminal, or a remote desktop app for example.

Touch keyboard with a suitable editor like vi/vim works surprisingly well even for coding, but it can never compete with a dual-monitor desktop setup, real keyboard and a well-configured emacs (or vim or sublime if you prefer). Not giving up on that, even though I do enjoy being able to work on phones and tablets as well.

a real keyboard is avaliable for all mobile devices as far as bluetooth knows it

that said, certainly writers wanting to write an interactive story could bother less for 2 monitors filled with lots of tiny shell windows running geek text buffers

The more text I can see at the same time, the.better, no matter if I edit interactive stories or any other text. But sure, if I get emacs running on a big enough tablet (or get around to learn vim properly) and buy a good fullsize bluetooth keyboard that would probably be good enough for most uses.

Seconded, thirded and quartered.