Missing Unread on Minima Theme

Just a note on something that might trip folks up: Some themes don’t include UI for all features. I was using the Minima theme for a few days, until I realized that it lacks the Dismiss button (e.g., on the Unread page) to mark posts as read.

Thanks for the heads-up. That UI setting should be top level for the board and not just the themes. The “dismiss” button for every theme will disappear if there are no actual unread posts to dismiss in the current view you’re looking at. I’ll keep an eye though and try to switch to Minima next time I have Unreads to see if they are dismissable.

What actually qualifies as “unread” per Discourse has been the topic of much discussion.

I’ve already done that check–I had a list of four unreads and with Minima didn’t have a Dismiss button the Unread page (or any other with unread items). Then I switched to the intfiction theme and could dismiss the four items via a button.

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I managed to reproduce this and have posted it to the creator of the theme on the Discourse board.


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I got a response from the theme creator. Let me know if the Dismiss button continues not to show up. Thanks!

Still not showing up–but maybe I jumped on this too quickly? I’m not sure how long it’s expected to take for the theme to update.

The admin console says it’s updated. Make sure you actually have unread posts to dismiss.

Nope, it’s still as before. See screenshot.

Maybe it’s cached? Try pressing shift-F5 to refresh.

I believe I’ve fixed it.

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