Missing ] after element list - Error

Twine Version: Version 2.3.8
Story Format: Harlowe 3.1.0

Hello, I’m new and need a bit of help.
I’m trying to implement links that are automatically shown if a variable is set to true.
I’m not sure how to write links to story pages inside an if/else block. I could not find an example in the wiki either.
The browser says “missing ] after element list.”

This is my text:
(set: $money to 500)
(set: Makoto to false)

You came to the lake and have some money with you. Stamina is irrelevant right now.
You meet Makoto.
(set: $Makoto to true)

Go out to the [[road]]

{(live: 0.5s)[
(if: $Makoto is true)
[[Makoto Martins|Makoto]]


Your if macro doesn’t have a hook.

Uhm…what does that mean? How do I add a hook to the macro? :sweat_smile:

He means it’s missing the brackets following the if statement.

{(live: 0.5s)[
	(if: $Makoto is true)[
		[[Makoto Martins|Makoto]]

:smiley: Thank you. It works!