Misleading comp listings

Since I’m about to complain, let me first prove that’s not all I ever do around here.
This Comp is phenomenal! There are a lot of great games, even for a parser-only guy like me.

I know I’m a curmudgeon (though not the only one) for wanting to play IF on my own computer–not online, not with javascript and tracking cookies and all the annoying crap.
I know the bulk of the community is focused on online play.
But I think it’s still important to be clear and accurate.

Here’s what I’ve noticed on the Comp website:

Eat Me is listed as “Format: Web” even though it’s actually Glulx.
Fake News is listed as “Format: Web” even though it’s actually TADS 3.

Also, the “Download” link for My night downloads a page that’s just a link to a website. Maybe that’s common practice nowadays, but I fer one am agin it. There really shouldn’t be download links for games that can’t be played offline.

Fake News is available in both formats as a standalone game for traditional interpreter and also as a webplay. Download and Play online buttons side by side :slight_smile:

That’s true for pretty much all of them. But the other entries still list the actual format.

It’s automated; Mike had to work really hard to set up the TADS 3 website, and Ifcomp.org can’t recognise it automatically because no one had done it before; he had to out an index.html file in and redirect to the TADS 3 page.

Chandler’s game is intentionally modified to provide a more tailored web experience, so it breaks the automatic recognition.

So Jason Mcintosh would probably have to manually change the display somehow.

Thanks for the info. It didn’t even occur to me that it might be automated.