Mis-ordered Headings

I’ve been re-ordering my source as it was starting to get seriously wonky. I adopted a scheme from a different game that I am using as a source for several game mechanics, which is why there’s several empty volumes waiting to be filled.

I noticed earlier however, that my headings are not being read correctly.

I can post the source if asked, but I was hoping to wait until I had fully fleshed out the story before making the source available, it’s licensed under CC BY-NC-SA so I was planning on sticking it on GitHub once I had v1 completed. (I’m still using a working title!)

I’m also not done re-organizing it… >_>

EDIT: It appears that this does not affect the heading seperation within the source, viewing the Logic Volume displays the correct content; same with the places volume. Checking the gnome-inform bug tracker to see if this is reported.

Bug 725, perhaps, fixed for the next release?