Might as well talk to myself

I take it “talk” is not an action in I7, so I tried to define it in my code, but it doesn’t seem to work (no error messages, just isn’t recognized by I7).

[code]Talking to is an action applying to one visible thing.

Check talking to Mel:
say “Mel clears his throat, raises an eyebrow at you, and says ‘Perhaps you[’]d like to come back some time when you can afford our line.’ Then he shows you swiftly to thr door.”;
now player is in Street.[/code]

Did you define a syntax for the verb? Currently, Inform has no idea how the player could talk.

How do you define a syntax?

I don’t have the manual handy right now, but this is definitely in the chapter on Actions, probably the section called “New actions” or at most one or two sections later.

It’s described in chapter 17 in the manual.

Understand "talk to [someone]" as talking.

That Chapter 17 hint did it, plus I had not physically placed the character to be talked to in the location. Thanks all.