Microsoft Textworld

I guess this is a new thing. A python-based parser engine by Microsoft which purportedly can train AI if I understand correctly?

I tried the demo, and it seems all right.

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Might be fun to try… but it looks like it is Linux and Mac only at this point.

A Microsoft product…for Linux and Mac only?

That’s what I thought. But the GitHub page says:

TextWorld requires Python 3 and only supports Linux and macOS systems at the moment.

Yes, i was commenting this tool in the Spanish CAAD forum and i get astonished too with this lack of windows support @.@

(by the way, phpbb there, so you only need to learn an easy language like Spanish ¬.¬ )

Microsoft, as always, is very developer focused, and has realised it needs to get Linux and macOS devs using its products as well. And as a side project they probably just went with whatever was most convenient.

Well, I’m a software developer that uses Microsoft products every day. And not Microsoft products too.

I can understand that there are people that don’t like Microsoft or its products. That’s ok. I love them anyway :slight_smile:

It’s nice that Microsoft develop projects using tools other than Microsoft ones.


Cof… cof… sorry… I lose control… alt… del… restarting…

M i c r o s o f t ? ? ? ?

(By the way, i would like to give it a try if it works under Windows :-/ )

In playing around with it, you can get it to work on Windows but not natively. Assuming you don’t want to go the Docker route, you will want Cygwin or MSys2. The former will be more POSIX-like in a few places where it really matters.

Can’t you just use WSL? (Windows Subsystem for Linux.) It’s part of Windows 10.

You definitely can. It’s certainly worth trying if you have Windows 10 updated. I guess so much of my other development work uses one of those two other systems – usually Cygwin – that those are my default go-to. But, yeah, WSL should be entirely viable.

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