Michael Martin's Quip Based Conversations

I’ve been struggling to get this extension to work for a few days now and keep coming up with a variety of errors. Is anyone willing to share their Inform source code where they got this extension to work? I have so many/differing kinds of errors it would be more useful, I think, to simply study a functioning version. I’ve even just tried copy/pasting the code included with Martin’s documentation in a blank test run and even that keeps hitting a wall.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

Last I know of it, the most readily available version of Reactable Quips (which Quip-Based Conversation depends on) isn’t actually compatible with Inform 6M62. Ruber Eaglenest has an updated version of Reactable Quips which he posted here. You could see if using that version of Reactable Quips solves your errors.

Also Ruber’s IFComp entry Tuuli uses Quip-Based Conversation so you could ask him for source code.

(Michael had an updated version on his website but his website is down, alas.)

In that thread I mention a bug I was encountering with Reactable Quips, but it doesn’t come up if you’re using Quip-Based Conversation.

Here are the versions that I got working for use with Inform 6M62.

Hope this helps.
Quip-Based Conversation.i7x (15.9 KB)
Reactable Quips.i7x (19.2 KB)