Trying to upgrade Reactable Quips by Michael Martin to current Inform7

I used the extension in older builds of inform7 and wanted to use it again. Just including the extension creates … “An internal error has occurred: Parse tree broken. The error was detected at line 1656 of “inform7/Chapter 13/Parse Tree.w”. This should never happen, and I am now halting in abject failure.”

Does anyone know a Syntax changelog? (before after) or can just look into the extension and “see” the thing thank makes an error today?

Forum colleague @climbingstars posted an updated version some time ago here:

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I’ve added these to the github repository now. (Also tacked on a datecode to indicate the 6M62 upgrade.)

thank you very much. have not expected such a fast solution.

“with 1 blank row” was new in an empty table for example.

If I remember correctly, it’s because the newer versions of Inform 7 don’t like continuations of row less tables. I use it frequently so I’ll most likely have an up to date copy of it. I’m glad it helped.

There still seems to be a problem with the Reactable Quips extension. In the “Security Consultant” example, commands like GUARD, PASSWORD give the error:

*** Run-time problem P41: Attempt to match a snippet value which is currently invalid: words 0 to 3.

I get the same error. I’ll have a look see what’s causing that.

It looks like it was this line causing this issue.

Understand "[number]" and "say [number]" as responding with when RQ is active.

You can fix this by changing it to this.

Understand "say [number]" as responding with when RQ is active.

Although it seems that this is an Inform issue rather than an extension one.


While I was poking through the pull requests on Github, I went ahead and added this fix and updated Reactable Quips to compile with Inform 10.1 – on the master branch, anyway.

I discovered that I can reactivate the
Understand “[number]” as responding with when RQ is active

Under version 10.1, so the underlying Inform bug is fixed. Restoring that. (Had to make some other fixes for 10.1; it didn’t like a rule name)