Michael Callaghan?!

Every time I start a new project (say, “The Adventure”) the text “The Adventure” by Michael Callaghan is on the first line.

I’m pretty sure it was always my own name till yesterday, though I do have goldfish memory. (Edit: It just occurred to me to check an old project. Doh! Sure enough, Michael is nowhere to be seen.)

As far as I’m aware, I haven’t messed with anything low-level enough to cause this. What’s happening?


When you create a new project using the menu item “File → New Project” in the IDE, a dialogue window comes up where you can enter the project’s name and the author’s name.

The IDE (on Windows, at least) stores that author’s name and uses it as default for further new projects.

Maybe you compiled one of the examples from the Questions extension by Michael Callaghan, made a new project for that, and entered Michael’s name in the field, and therefore the IDE remembered that name.

So, to fix it, it should be enough to create a new project using “File → New Project” and enter your name in the “author’s name” field in the dialogue window.

(If you’re on Windows, you can also check the current value in the Windows registry in the Name field under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\David Kinder\Inform\User, although that won’t be necessary when you change it with the method above.)


Thanks for the tip…I must admit I hadn’t even thought as far as rectifying it - which seems straightforward enough - so puzzled was I by the name.

I certainly never typed the words Michael Callaghan in my life before starting this topic, so something must have happened automatically somewhere. Good to be able to fix it though…I’m sure Michael wouldn’t want his name attached to my drivel!

Thanks again for the advice.


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

If it crops up again, it might be worth reporting it as an issue to the corresponding IDE maintainer (@DavidK here, if it’s on Windows, for example).