Merrit Kopas's Naked Twine Jam

Merritt Kopas just wrapped up a game jam that encouraged people to work with Twine and Twine alone – no external CSS or JavaScript.

I got in on the jam kinda late, so didn’t have time to post about it here before it was over, but here’s the wrap-up post, which includes all games submitted to date:

I plan to expand and polish my game, ‘Harvest’, as my first Patreon release.

It’s interesting that I am stumbling upon this competition, via an IFDB rabbit hole I was following today, almost six years after it was written.

I was randomly looking at woods leaves stream body blood, mostly just practicing updating metadata. While I was trying to figure out when this piece was published, I found the Naked Twine Jam, but most of the links are dead now with this exception:

This site posting has all the entries and many of links to the entries still work as well. I guess this competition happened just prior to the Fear of Twine competition? Not sure, it’s difficult to piece the history together since it is well before my IF time here and I don’t see a lot about it documented.

At any rate, thought I would at least get this post in here so we have a little more documentation.