Merk's Review: Press [Escape] to Save

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Grr… I should have expanded on my complaints about the puzzle design, but I lack the energy to add it now.

You mean you can’t paint wallpaper onto a wall? Goddamn, no wonder my bedroom wall’s such a mess…

(Love to comment on the rest of the review but as the comp is still running, I’ll have to force myself to wait a few more days.)

I suppose you can paste it on. Stick it on. Roll it on. But I’ve never seen liquified wallpaper that can be painted on.

The more I think about it, and now that I’m checking out a few of the other reviews, the more I think the author may not be a native English-speaker. There are just too many odd wording choices.

Having spent my afternoon reading essays by college freshmen and sophomores, I can assure you that even native speakers of English can come up with bizarrely off phrases, especially if they are trying to sound writerly but just don’t have a good enough command of the vocabulary they think they’re supposed to use. I had more the sense that that was the problem here than that the author was translating from another language.

You can always paint the wallpaper after it is on the wall if you are extra lazy and do not feel like taking it down.

Wallpaper is scary. It’s like finding salamanders in your eggnog.