merk -- get well soon!

In one of the threads Merk mentioned that he had a heart attack and bypass operation about a week ago, and just got home from the hospital. Get well soon Merk! I really appreciate all you’ve done with this board – now take it easy, and we’ll try not to annoy you too much for a little while.



Best wishes to you, Merk, hope you will get better soon ! Thanks for putting the work into maintaining this forum !

Take care of yourself Merk, and here’s to a fast recovery :slight_smile:.

Hear hear! Speedy recovery!

Best wishes, Merk. And if it’s between the forum and your health, choose health.

Holy moly! Ditto to all the above.


Thanks all. I’m going to be home for a few weeks recovering, but should be feeling back to my old self soon. :slight_smile:

Get-well vibes ~~~~~~~ coming your way!

(Take care of yourself!! That stuff is scary.)

Just saw this. I hope all is well.