Menus and Status Line in Parchment

I’ve been using Parchment-Transcript to test my WIP, and I’ve noticed that there’s no status line. I thought I remembered seeing the status line in other games in Parchment, but maybe I didn’t. Is it possible to display the status line in Parchment?

Second, I’ve noticed that the instructions about which key to use in Menus by Emily Short are only displayed in the status line. This can be a bit confusing if there’s no status line! Players have to guess that they need to type ‘Q’ to get out of the menu. Barring the preferable solution of displaying the status line, has anyone written a hack that outputs the necessary information for Menus inline?

Parchment is supposed to display the status line, but maybe there’s a bug in the version you’re hooked into?

I’ll talk to Juhana about it.

But when I went to ifdb and checked out Kerkerkruip for reference, it didn’t have a status line either. But most other games do. I don’t know what the difference is.

Could it have something to do with Kerkerkruip having a multiple-line status bar?

There should be nothing in the transcript recorder that would interfere with the status line. It looks like Parchment doesn’t display the status line in any Glulx games.

That makes more sense, Juhana. Victor, I saw several games with multiple-line status lines, and they seemed to be working fine.

Yeah glulx support isn’t all there yet sorry.