Meeting Robb Sherwin

Starting off the comp with a lightweight parser experience described as a “slice-of-life adventure”. You fly into Denver to attend the wedding of Robb Sherwin (yes, that Robb Sherwin, who until now you’ve only seen in Get Lamp). (You might recognize a couple other names too.) And…that’s what you do, along with such tasks as getting a hotel room, securing transportation, and making conversation with other guests.

There are a few in-jokes, but no puzzles. Often the exact command you should type is provided, like an interactive walkthrough. If you try diverging even slightly from the suggested path, you quickly find that nothing else is there. A lot of mentioned objects aren’t implemented and the writing seems rather careless. Fortunately, the story is very short, so it doesn’t wear out its welcome under these conditions. I found it pleasant but ultimately, due to the total lack of initiative granted to the player, not very interesting.

I did enjoy the weed, which is the only significant way I found to affect the game state. (Apparently there’s such a thing as too much.)

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I’ve also written a review for this game, which I’ve posted on my blog.