Meanwhile, a short Twitter narrative via screenshot

To be honest, I thought paid verification meant, “Pay us, and we’ll verify you with your legal name / pseudonym / organization or company with proven affiliation.” Apparently, it meant, “pay us and we’ll literally verify anything.” What a wild time to be alive.






I mean he did say he was bringing comedy back to Twitter. Promises made, promises kept!*

* Except for (ex-)Twitter employees, users who don’t want authoritarian regimes to get their info, and people who think jokes shouldn’t have to be labeled THIS IS A JOKE in the headline. Less funny for them!


That’s what it used to mean. Two weeks ago. But a lot of things that were true about Twitter two weeks ago have changed.

(Verification wasn’t in any sense perfect, but there was an intended meaning.)

That said, right now the Internet is chock-full of articles on Twitter’s collapse. I don’t think we need to screenshot-clone the whole mess onto this forum? It’s intensively well documented elsewhere, and while I enjoy watching the train-wreck, not everybody is into it.


Fair enough. I was careful not to take a stance on it, but I’ll meet you in the middle and drop the whole thing underneath a drop-down someone would need to intentionally open to read.

Assuming I can remember how to do it… Damn… @moderators ? I’m doing a dumb. How do I make the [details] tag work correctly?

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I think you need to put quotes around the title (here, Twitter) in the top of the tag.

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Thank you, but no dice. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks, and sorry I don’t know how that tag works either. Hrm.

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