Mean Streets

This is my first attempt at a parser game - I messed about in TADS2 many years ago and so had some familiarity with it, hence using it for this.

Ultimately I’m aware that TADS2 is not the language of choice any more. What’s the most n00b friendly language to pick up? I don’t have that much spare time to learn new code. :slight_smile:

IFDB linkage -

Inform 7. There is a learning curve but lots of support.

Yeah, that does look really good. Looks quite flexible too.

There’s also nothing wrong with TADS 2.

I don’t mean any disrespect to the language, but I’m looking to move forward to a more recent language. Especially interested in anything that can be compiled for mobile phones. :slight_smile:

TADS 2 games run fine on my phone–I use Son of Hunky Punk.

I’ll look that one up, thanks!