Maximum value question

Say I wanted each npc to have a friendship percentage. I want the value to max out at 100 and drop over time. How would I put an upper bound on friendship such that it doesn’t overflow to something above 100. I’m pretty new to this, sorry if this is a foolish question.


That depends what language you are using. Is it TADS, or Inform 7, or Gruescript…? Or one of the other ones.


The general pattern is pretty straightforward, it’s just something like this:

friendship = friendship + newFreiendship
if friendship > 100:
    friendship = 100

inform7 whoops. Forgot to include that.

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If you just want to track one friendship, something like this will work. If you want more than one you should make it a property of the thing being befriended (and then the every turn rule should become a loop over the things).

"Leaping into Friendship"

Laboratory is a room.

Friendship is a number that varies. Friendship is initially 0. [ Starting value. ]

Every turn:
	If friendship > 0:
		Now friendship is friendship - 1;
	say "The current friendship is [friendship].".

To increase friendship by (N - a number):
	Now friendship is friendship + N;
	If friendship > 100:
		Now friendship is 100;

Instead of jumping:
	say "You jump into friendship!";
	Increase friendship by 30;
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