Max # of understand tokens

Greetings revamped forum. Today my question is, does anyone know the maximum number of tokens – overall, and/or within a line – you can use with the ‘Understand “big/red/green”, “marble” as sphere of the ancients.’ construction?

I ask because I just want to make sure I’m not overstuffing with typos and alternates in general.

Second, I want to make sure I wouldn’t put so many alts between backslashes that the program ignores some of them – if that can actually happen.

By the way, I am aware of the implications of the difference between backslashing alts together (“big/red/green”) and putting them in separate blocks of inverted commas.


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I know I have hit a limit of “too much text between quotes” when writing some really long text variations, but you can just start another one I think.

Understand "1/2/3/4.../999" as a long list of numbers. 
Understand "1000/1001/1002..." as a long list of numbers.

Inform will let you know if you hit a limit…I’ve also hit prop table size and dictionary words, but with those you just declare a bigger limit than the default in your source text and it isn’t a huge deal. I’m not sure if or which of those apply to understand synonyms.

I bet someone knows specifics off the top of their head.

Yeah, I had a feeling there might just a be fixed number you can declare as alts for one thing overall, or within one token, the same way the parser only pays attention to the first X characters of a word. And I had a hope someone might know that number :slight_smile:


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This was discussed here (in some of the later comments).

Note that the limit of 32767 synonyms is for an object; I’m not sure if special parsing tokens have the same limit.

Thanks jrb. Certainly, the topic you linked shows that

  • you can stack a ton of alts in one token (a la Hanon’s example in the topic)
  • you can stick 300 synonyms on an object in a Glulx game and it’s still OK (as per your example in that topic)
  • or that there’s possibly no limit if 300 isn’t enough (as per your further investigation.)

This is all far more than I’ll be using. So I’m satisfied. Thanks all.