Max Gladstone's Craft sequence

(Replying to a conversation started in the Inform 7 folder..)

I reread the entire Craft Sequence this week. It’ll take a bit to wear off. (Dunno what Caelyn’s excuse is.)

Hmm, I didn’t see it that way - but (spoilers for Last First Snow, Two Serpents Rise)

When I read LFS for the first time, I hadn’t realized that TSR contains the entire plot of LFS, because I’d forgotten everything except “Caleb’s dad was a creepy priest, and I really like the ending.”

Now that I’ve read them in chronological order, I recommend Last First Snow as the starting point for the sequence. Both LFS and TSR are better for it.

Normally I am a big fan of publication order, but yeah, I suspect LFS works better before TSR.