Max Fog's tiny SeedComp reviews (and relevant song)

So, I’m a little sleep deprived and so might be a bit cruel in my reviews, but they should give an overall idea of what I made of the game.

Oh, and then I will mention the Radiohead song that just generally gives me that vibe. I’ll also put a TLDR for each game at the end.

Good luck to me, because these are seriously going to be tiny!


1 4 the $

By @OverThinking

What a strong start to the competition! I am personally quite a fan of grotesque and dark subjects, but this one portrayed it very cleverly. I liked the general atmosphere of what is going on, and the mold really works well.

I adored the You will be loved (I think it was?) message, this chanting feeling, this overthrow, and the game’s flow worked well. I didn’t realise I really had any choices, it felt like a great flow. Also positive because I got the ending where I stand on the building and the spores take me over, which is a really good ending.

One thing that could have been a little better was the actual online bit. Although it was very tight and I understood exactly what was happening, I wanted that part of the story to develop a little longer in each story.

 + Strong writing and story
 + Powerful message
 + Ending which really affected me
 + Clever flow to reel me further in
 - More development of the focus story

Song: I want to say Where I End and You Begin, but I know that doesn’t make sense. Reluctantly, I’ll say… Life In A Glasshouse. A lot of those lyrics are relevant.


All The Games I Would Have Made For Seedcomp If I Had The Time (Which I Did Not) (Oh Well There’s Always Next Year)

By @Cerfeuil

I’m not sure there’s much to say about this game. Funny, for sure! Very mini IF, but certainly clever.

I like the reviews and the setups and everything, it all works together. Very meta. I like that, I guess?

I wish there were more combinations available between seeds, though. It feels like everything is quite rigid. Which lost some of the interactivity feeling.

 + Seriously funny and honestly a great play
 + Interesting use of interactivity and UI
 + Highly innovative (in my eyes, at least)
 - Weak flow and too few combinations

Song: This one is a mean one. I’d say that even there are (ahem) bigger ideas in this song, the lines “Don’t get any big ideas/They’re not gonna happen” and the laid-back style of the song Nude closely matches the style of the game.

(Nude is also one of my songs to stop me thinking too much when trying to get to sleep, which is fitting because now I will say “Good Night!” and wave until the morning :wave:)


Thank you for the review! And good song choice! The lyrics work well, and the sound really fits the vibe.


Dungeons and Distractions

by @EJoyce

I found this game honestly quite humorous. It reminds me of every D&D session I’ve ever had (both as DM and as a player. Things make sense (although there is too few shouting and metagaming and talking generally out of game to be very relatable). Though I don’t think I would have ever realised in the slightest that any of the characters had ADHD if I hadn’t heard of the AD&D Seed beforehand. (EDIT: I don’t mean this in any bad way, to make it clear. I just happened to notice it as I played!)

The setup was neat and vaguely reminded me of an interactive blend between a D&D character sheet and a rulebook. The options were clear and had fair ideas. I liked the characters much, even though suddenly it started talking about a “full moon” and a tail and I got very confused… until I realised that the characters weren’t actually human!

 + Relatable moments (both with the ADHD and D&D parts)
 + Pulls off the idea cleanly and with good interaction
 + Great characters

No negatives!

Song: Um. Hm. Well…


I’m really glad that you enjoyed the game! Although I’m wondering if maybe you missed that you can click on the characters’ names on the first screen where they’re mentioned to get their introductions, which explain what supernatural stuff they all have going on?


These few next games are difficult to write about, because they are either quite short or have parts that I don’t know how to describe. Anyway, here goes:


By @Norbez

Honestly, the first thing I can say is quite clear. I could picture everything. Now normally, I have bad image creation in my head (can’t conjure up images or sounds or feelings etc., much less memories). But this one had very very simple descriptions, that conveyed the feeling very well. I could picture the curtain, and the bed. The voice felt familiar, even though I’ve only ever heard a meditation voice guide once in my life. But this displayed it with minimal words. Which is amazing, to be honest.

Other than that, I could understand what the person was going through (despite, because of age and limited experiences, never having gone through something even vaguely familiar). Which means a lot to me.

I was a bit sad that it ended so quickly, considering it was such an evocative and great experience. I can’t quite give it the as high as I want to give it, because there simply isn’t enough to rate, and it felt like at some point, I knew it wouldn’t go there.

 + Strong understanding of situation
 + Picturing the scenes and great imagery in minimal words
 + Very evocative and meaningful
 - Too short, although understandably

Song: To be honest, I keep thinking Teardrop by Massive Attack. But sticking to the rules, I’d have to say I Might Be Wrong with a hint of the Codex conundrum.