Max Blaster and Doris deLightning; Hint Request

This game is great!

I’m stuck at the penultimate (I think) puzzle.
Here’s what I know and what I’m trying to do:
-I need to disable the protective screen/forcefield around the HQ-dome.
-The forcefield is vulnerable to sonic (i.e. wavelength) interference.
-I can make a wavelength-generator with the prototype-machine
-The experimental seeds and/or plants in the botany-lab emit certain wavelengths.
-I moved the experimental model-forcefield into the botany-lab to see the effects of fiddling with the seeds and plants.

That’s pretty much the entire experimental set-up I need to determine the solution, i.e. which wavelength I have to upload in the wavelength-generator to disrupt the forcefield.

However, I can’t find a way to successfully manipulate the plants and seeds (and thus the wavelengths they emit) to see which effect they have on the model-forcefield.

A complicated but very interesting puzzle. I’m hoping someone who has played this will understand my problem and remember how to engage this puzzle.

And the mysterious hint-asking-effect strikes again. Right after I posted this, I have at least solved part of what I was struggling with.

-You can TAKE SEED WITH TONGS. (the seeds are toxic so the game didn’t allow me to touch them). Now to find out how to use this information.

EDIT:You can drop the seeds in the extra soil of the hybrid’s pot. They will grow exponentially and generate inaudible but forcefield-shattering wavelengths. Download these wavelengths onto the datachip which you can put in a slot on the pot. You are now a big step closer toward making a functional forcefield disruptor.

Man, I often think what people would think if they read these IF-hints completely out of context.